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Explor is a privately held Canadian company that acquires and owns the highest quality seismic data and licenses these data to energy companies. Explor has been actively acquiring high quality regional seismic data in Canada since 1981. Over these decades of activity, Explor has proven to be highly capable of acquiring great data in Canada's most challenging areas. Explor has earned a reputation as a capable, ethical seismic data provider. Our clients range from small independent energy companies to the world's largest multi-national firms.

Explor's regional seismic data is a critical cornerstone of our clients' efforts to explore an area. Many of the seismic lines acquired by Explor are well over 200 km long, providing an unparalleled view of a prospective region that is simply not visible on a local 10 km line, or even a large 3D project. By licensing Explor's data, our clients can properly understand their own prospects, tie their prospects together across large expanses of land, and develop new play concepts from this improved, large scale understanding of the area.

By acquiring the highest quality regional exploration data, Explor ensures that the data will have the longest possible utility. In many cases, regional lines acquired by Explor have led the way to a new understanding of a region, resulting in new discoveries of oil and gas. Clients will find Explor seismic data critical for regional basin evaluations, local resource evaluations, and close calibration of local 3D and 4D projects that follow our regional effort.

Because Explor is often the first company from the oil and gas industry to set foot in a new region, it is careful to operate in a responsible manner. Explor consults closely with local communities, taking time to understand local concerns and form the relationships that lead to successful operations. Often, Explor has formalized these relationships into full partnerships with local aboriginal communities. In this way, Explor will be welcomed back and our clients will be welcomed by local communities should they decide to pursue exploration opportunities identified by Explor projects.

Explor runs with state of the art technology. Where necessary, Explor forms collaborative partnerships with only the best acquisition and processing contractors, providing it with access to the latest available technology. Explor is continually optimizing and improving the way it plans, acquires, processes, archives and delivers its data. For example, Explor was the first company to deploy digital multi-component sensing units on a regional 2D line in the Canadian frontier. Explor has deployed ring-laser gyro positioning to preserve the forest canopy in sensitive areas and limit our impact on the environment. Also as a result of our investment in technology, Explor's entire database resides on our own secure server, enabling delivery of even our largest, newest, multi-terabyte digital 3-component data volumes within hours.

If you are a client, and are interested in additional details and information, including maps, quality inspections, pricing, innovative deal making ideas and opportunities to do business with Explor, please visit the Client Services area on this website.

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